For rural communities in upcoming economies, land ownership is the first and most important path to prosperity. Clear access to land offers everyday sustenance and long-term economic perspective. But to prosper from their land these communities first need to clarify boundaries and leverage its economic potential.

That’s where Meridia comes in. We combine the technological tools and on-the-ground expertise to unlock land potential. From digitally mapping boundaries and validating legal documents to helping secure ownership, we bring much-needed transparency and clarity to the communities that need it most.

We’re on a mission to make the equitable distribution and use of land accessible to all. Not just one-off solutions, but a full-service approach that plays specifically into each community’s continuously changing needs.

  • Leading rural and peri-urban provider of land documentation.
  • Data collection for cocoa buyers and large asset holders

  • Providing government with tools to scale up land documentation.
  • Data collection to support large scale forest restoration.

  • Blockchain Traceability for Unilever and Sainbury’s supply chains.

Who we work with

Our complete range of services help consumers confidently and accurately secure their land interests. In addition to serving consumers directly, we also offer tailored solutions to governments, local authorities, businesses and investors.


From performing technical surveys and legal documentation to facilitating government registration of titles and deeds, we are an accessible and affordable one-stop-shop for those seeking to document or secure land ownership. Our full range of services enable consumers to leverage their land in a way that delivers security, clarity and peace of mind.


We are a reliable land documentation partner for globally operating businesses and brands both big and niche. From hardware, software and cloud platforms to onsite-training and remote support, we help manage land assets by identifying property boundaries accurately and cost efficiently.


We provide authorities the digital tools, administrative expertise and community networks that identify land boundaries and clarify land ownership. Using our verified digital data and insights, authorities can unlock the value of their land, promote local entrepreneurship and ultimately enable equitable distribution and use of its land.

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