Opening the door to prosperity by providing clarity, leveraging economic potential and mapping long-term perspective to rural communities around the globe.

Measuring impact one hectare at a time...

Hectares mapped

We've mapped over 20,000 Hectares (Ha) of land to date. That's roughly the size of 20,000 football stadiums - in rural Africa alone. Some parcels were smaller than 1 Ha, others as large as 100 Ha, and most were in inaccessible areas. The field data we've collected for farmers, governments and value chain organisations (e.g. cocoa) have helped lay the foundation to long-term economic growth.

Parcel documented

We take a lot of pride in offering products and services that smallholders can actually afford. Working with an incredible team on the ground, we've been able to issue over 5,000 legal land documents - documents that are crucial to helping smallholders leverage the economic potential of their land. Let's call these documents what they are: the first step towards a financially secure future.

People impacted

Sure, we have all the right mapping tools and technology, but for an impact-driven organisation like ours it's all about empowering people. And to date we've positively impacted more than 30,000 people across 2 countries. We're only getting started. As we continue to expand and grow to new regions and continents, we believe we can positively impact hundreds of thousands more.


"Now I can take the document to the court, to the chief's palace, the police station. The moment you pick up the document, it gives a feeling of safety."

Homeowner on why she bought a HomeSeal document

"Now I also know more about my farm. I know the size, the demarcations...
and I can use this document to go to the bank for a loan!"

Farmer on why he bought a FarmSeal document

"The land is there for my children to inherit. One day I will pass away, and I want to make sure that nobody can come in and take the land from my children."

Homeowner on why he bought a HomeSeal document

"The underlying word is peace. Proper documents bring peace as they decrease boundary disputes. We can all have peace of mind about the land."

Farmer on why he bought a FarmSeal document

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